Numerology is a study founded by the mathematician and theologist Pythagoras, who had devoted himself to researching and developing the subject 2.600 years ago. This is a study of numbers and the influence of their vibrations on human life.

Knowing Numerology will allow you to answer the question “who am I”, explore your path of development in this life,…through the meanings of each number in your date of birth.


DAVID A. PHILLIPS (1934-1993) attained his doctorate in Philosophy at the London University in 1971, but later on was known for his expertise in health and nutrition. During his time, he regularly visited English-speaking countries across the globe to give lectures, make speeches before the public, and consult about Numerology, devoting all his research in health and personal development to teaching.

Dr. A. Phillips wrote a total of 12 books, the most popular being The Complete Book of Numerology (a comprehensive book on the subject of Numerology). The Complete Book of Numerology reveals the meaning behind each number in our life and allow us to comprehend the link between those numbers and fate, health, as well as our ultimate happiness in life.


At the end of 2019, after being imparted upon the knowledge of Numerology from her Master, Quynh Huong Le Do began her written series on Numerology on her fanpage based on the original content in The Complete Book of Numerology by Dr. David A. Phillips. When the concept of Numerology was first disseminated to the Vietnamese audience, many called it by the Vietnamese alias “Than so hoc” – which loosely translates to “the science of number seen through the lenses of theology”.

At the beginning of March 2020, Quynh Huong and team launched a video series on YouTube under the title “Life Management with Numerology”. At this point, Numerology was still translated as “Than so hoc”.

However, after more extensive research, Quynh Huong and team realised the alias “Than so hoc” would not have reached the majority of the people considering its arguably mystical nature. As a result, Quynh Huong and team decided to limit their scope of research, focusing only on the aspects relevant to human life. As they explored and researched into Numerology, by May 2020, Quynh Huong and team MayQ decided to give Pythagorean Numerology a new name: Nhan so hoc (loosely translates to “human numerology”) – as all the numbers ultimately revolves around humans and our lives, are intimately linked to our fate and destiny, our life paths and personalities. Numerology may be considered as a form of divination with numbers, deciphering the signals the universe is sending with each individual as we arrive on Earth, similarly to Physiognomy or Anthropometry…

At the beginning of November 2020, Quynh Huong partnered with First News to launch the book Life Management with Numerology. She wrote the book based on the original content of The Complete Book of Numerology by Dr. David A. Phillips. With the most fundamental principles and theories of the original book as a guideline, Quynh Huong conducted research on more than 500 individuals, a number which has reached 5000 as of July 2022, including her family members, MayQ customers, her Facebook and YouTube audience for the last two years, yielding comprehensive results and extensive understanding into Numerology.

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