MayQ Inspiration Group’s aspiration is to create “Connection that makes a Difference” through a multitude of activities and functions including event planning, PR, TV programmes, music, as well as development of products which promote mental and physical well-being, encouraging healthier, more positive living. The one difference that makes MayQ truly unique is we aspire to inspire only the most positive of emotions in our audience and customers.


MayQ Share, an integral part of MayQ Inspiration Group whose aim is to inspire positive energy through a multitude of motivational and educational programmes, courses, product offerings and services.

Together with MayQ Go, MayQ Share launches and operates spiritual excursions to different lands, not just to sightsee or garner the positive energy from the land and its people, but also to encourage our customers to turn inwards and gain a better understanding of yourselves, of your life purpose through our comprehensive courses on Numerology and Energy Management.


Together with MayQ Share, MayQ Go wishes to bring our customers on journeys where you could feel inspired to live positively, while unfurling the essence of spiritual well-being and sharing wonderful life values with loved ones. Through spiritual excursions to sacred lands such as India or Tibet, Plum Villages in the US or Canada, MayQ Go hopes we could inspire in you a positive and joyous energy, bringing forth a unique experience of emotions and sensation just for you.


With the use of delicate, lightweight materials such as linen, cotton, and silk, combined with elegant yet comfortable designs, MayQ Inspiration aims to bring you the dresses that would accompany you on every step of the way, at every possible moment, be it a lighthearted look for a casual jaunt or the professionalism of the office. Shine in your own way with MayQ Wear!


MayQ Group’s healthcare product line. One of MayQ Care’s signature products is the long-established OM Brown rice powder, produced through closed-loop production and guaranteed to meet all food hygiene and safety standards.

The word “OM” or “AUM” is the sound of the universe, encompassing all the vibrations existing within the universe. Reciting the sound “OM” allows us to cleanse our surroundings and create positive vibrations. MayQ Inspiration hopes MayQ Care products not only cleanse or provide nutritional benefits, but also bring great blessings, nurturing in both your heart and mind tranquility and serenity.


Natural gemstone jewellery from OM Malas not only carries the cultures and heritage of the Himalayan Mountains, but also the faith and love whispered in every OM – the sound of the universe, creating positive vibrations. Through our own experience, MayQ Inspiration believes the sound OM would bring us peace and faith in divine protection. Our products are carefully selected from sacred lands such as Tibet, Bhutan, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Shangri-La,…and have been immersed in the water of the holy Namtso Lake. The purity of the water, the minerals laced in every droplet, and the faith in its sacredness have awakened in every piece of jewellery – handcrafted with all the heart and soul of the craftsmen – a healing and positive energy to come to you, either as a gift for yourself or a loved one.


OM Jewelry was founded with the hope of bringing the character OM closer to generations of young adults within Vietnam as well as the rest of the world. Carrying with the brand our hope to inspire in each and everyone a vibrant energy through Peace and Serenity.

OM Jewelry – Energy from Peace. OM Jewelry’s aspiration is to become of the most prestigious and well-known brands in the gold, silver, and gemstone jewelry industries, unique in ways not present in any ordinary accessories. Chic, elegant, or embodying distinctive spiritual values through engraved symbols, carefully chosen materials, and masterful craftmanship…OMJ is the loving companion who both energizes and protects, bringing each of our predestined wearers comforting peace and security.

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